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Sacrificing Your Life
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Dr. Bob and Cindy Deering of Spirit Emergence of Taos are delighted to be able to share this perceptive and penetrating look at emotional healing using the Bio-Emotional Neutralization Technique.

Getting to the Beginning of It All

We are programmed to believe there is a right way and a wrong way. We insert into our belief system only experiences that match what we already know to be true. . . .

We throw away the rest. Our own limited receptors keep us disconnected from ourselves. (99% of the information coming in from our senses is discarded.) We live our lives supporting someone else's beliefs, all the while growing further away from who we are.

At the beginning we are about survival. We learn to get our needs met, or so we think, by doing what others want. Soon our slate is filled with the feelings and thoughts, stored as emotions in our subconscious mind, that we use to respond to our environment.

Who we are is hiding behind whatever emotion threatened us. Each time we experience a similar feeling, the body experience the threat and responds accordingly. Our responses become automatic, and

before we know it, we are living our lives on auto-pilot

We have lost the spontaneity, the enthusiasm, the essence of who we are . . . and instead allow the old tapes to run our lives.

Not only do these old tapes run our emotional life, but also our physiology. An emotion stored in memory, when experienced, causes the body to release chemicals.

Each emotion releases certain chemicals. The cycle continues . . . This negative feed-back loop keeps us stuck in "fight or flight" . . . And . . . we are not even aware of it.

We think it is something outside of ourselves that is causing our lives to be this way. "It's my job," "It's my mother," "It's my husband," "It's my kids". . . etc.

We spend thousands of dollars looking for the external cause of our internal turmoil. We fool ourselves for a little while, but soon we run out of ideas, and we even get tired of listening to our own excuses. We get tired of watching the re-runs.


  • They start asking questions.
  • Why does your body believe everything you've been told to be true?
  • Why do you not see who you are?
  • Why are you stuck in someone else's perception of you?
  • Why are you willing to destroy yourself to please someone else?
  • Why do you want to hold onto those old beliefs that no longer serve you?
  • Who do you think is responsible for the way your life is now?
  • Who is the only one you can please?
  • How long are you going to let someone else write your story?
  • And, for some reason, they won't take "I don't know" for an answer!

And so, with gentle probing, loving support, and an "I've been there" knowingness, you are given permission to communicate with that frightened little girl. You begin to feel the hidden anger. As your jaw clenches . . . you experience the rage. With the tears . . . you remember the disappointments. Deep in the gut . . . the sadness works its way ever so carefully from its secret hiding place. And through this gently guided process, you begin to connect the dots. You see how the internal dialogue that you have allowed to suffocate, constrict, control and manipulate your existence, was not really yours after all.

All the blame, shame and regret now has nowhere to go. . . . And, as an understanding emerges, the emotions go back to where they came from.

They are not forgotten; just no longer necessary.

One hopes the floodgates will open wide and all the negative patterns will flow out once and for all.

Perhaps . . . Maybe . . . It's been years in the making. Layers upon layers. Thoughts and feeling meet to become an emotion with a purpose. . . . The unraveling is a process.

Be patient.
Have compassion.
Get excited.
Be thankful.

Allow for that little girl to find the home within
she left so very long ago.

- Beverly Scott, DC, Hayward, California

The BETAR® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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