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Dr. Bob and Cindy are pleased to bring to you a unique service called The Intensive. This is a highly concentrated one-on-one day of care. Those who would especially benefit from this type of care would range from anyone who is experiencing a severe health challenge to those who simply want to accelerate their healing process.

The day begins with a one hour session on the BETAR®, followed with a one hour Bio-Emotional Neutralization session with Dr. Bob. There is then a 10 - 15 minute break to assist the client in integrating. The client then returns to the BETAR® for another one hour session, followed by another one hour Bio-Emotional Neutralization session. Prior to leaving the office, special attention is given to assure that the client is energetically balanced and neurologically organized.

Due to the length of this service (approximately four-and-a-half hours), scheduling is limited. Special consideration will always be made for those requiring immediate assistance.

The intensive, for me, was exactly that: intense. Intense in retrospect, however. In progress, the experience was soothing, uplifting, encouraging. Afterwards, many deeply buried emotions came up for release and resolution, which Dr. Bob and Cindy supported me through. I would highly recommend the Intensive for anyone who would like to quickly take their healing to a deeper level.

I swallowed the dragon's tale of rage.
   Spat out the fire of tears.
      Dissolved into a cloud of compassion.
        And repeated the circle again
            and again,
                and again.

— Jayni Wilson, Santa Fe, New Mexico


The BETAR® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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