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Sacrificing Your Life
The Worst Silent Killer


Featured November 2008

The Worst Silent Killer

We have heard that high blood pressure is the silent killer. Stored negative emotions are just as deadly, in fact more so because they may be the cause of high blood pressure and just about every other "dis-ease" that afflicts the body.

Negative emotions can destroy lives.

Negative emotions are stored in the physical body from emotional experiences and traumas of everyday life. We are taught to internalize these feelings. They in turn cause blockages in the energy that must flow freely to maintain a healthy body, as shown in the illustration above.

These stored negative emotions are highly toxic to the physical body and over a period, the toxins will weaken the body's immune system and gain control. Once that tipping point is reached, a hostile takeover has begun. Some form of "dis-ease" is manifested, usually in the area where the negative emotion is stored.

Your body is telling you to get help.

You are at a crossroads and your health depends on what you choose to do. Medicine can be a temporary fix and is often necessary as a "crisis management tool."

You will not be able to restore and maintain good health, however, unless you go deeper and address the stored negative emotions that manifested as symptoms. We have developed unique techniques for taking you through this process.

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