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Due to a variety of accidents, most of which defy quick description, I have had back trouble most of life. My problems began as a child and got worse as I matured. A variety of accidents ranging from being set on fire, buried alive, falling into collapsing cellars, attacked by bulls, large hogs, and similar events that were accentuated the back problems (for instance I was large child and always called on by neighbors and family to help move large objects and, as I able to lift a great deal, I really hurt myself by picking up refrigerators and the like. In later years other things contributed to my back problems... a major event was an attack by a buffalo on a prairie north of Lawton Oklahoma when a bull buffalo attacked me and punctured my skin over a hundred times (168 as I recall) and ultimately laid down on me for half an hour or so adding insult to injury. I could add to this list but let us conclude by saying that a variety of incidents led to my back being in constant pain and becoming increasing inflexible, so much so that it would take me about an hour to find a comfortable position in bed and great trouble to lie down or rise up.

In the last decade or so my back pain had become so bad that if I bumped into an object, such as a door or a desk, it would be so painful that it would knock me to my knees and I would be in intense pain for a quarter hour or more.

I have long considered the problem insoluble in spite of various pain crèmes, chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, meditation, and many herbal and other approaches. When Bob told me he could help with his own particular and very unique approach to energy memory adjustment and by means of their fabulous Batar machine, I was very skeptical.

As a person who has owned and operated various health businesses, including an internationally famous health spa, I have been there, done it all , heard it all, worked personally with many famous curanderos, naturopaths, yogis, and the like and, factually, I am a very skeptical person... however Bob, like me, is very straight forward and plain spoken, therefore I decided to put myself under his direction.

The results of his work have been spectacular in every regard. After half a dozen treatments and a few "rides" on the Batar, my back pain is gone, the flexibility of my back is virtually restored, and I am able to sustain blows, like bumping into a door, with no problem and, recently, moved our home and business during which time I moved over one hundred seventy pound cartons at least four times each and without any significant discomfort. I can positively assert that I am able to pick up forty to eighty pound boxes and carry them with no problem.... this is an amazing change and improvement for a person who could not barely rise from the floor before Dr. Bob's treatments.

I sincerely recommend the services of Bob and Cindy Deering to anyone who has any sort of physical or emotional problem.

I regard their services as extraordinary and exceptional in every regard.

As the former Business Manager of Cessna Military Aircraft, the former International Purchasing Director and Senior Project Engineer for Whitaker Cable and as a senior management member of other Fortune 500 companies, I feel very qualified to assess results and I can and do heartily recommend Bob and Cindy Deering to one and all.

Anyone interested in the Deerings is welcome to call me at 817-771-9482, for a strong personal recommendation.

Best regards and God Bless You and Yours in all things.

Terry D. Turner, CEO
Mt. Vernon, TX

When I first came to Dr. Bob and Cindy Deering, I had been severely incapacitated for fifteen and a half years. My illness had gotten worse and worse, so that I had long ago completely given up hope of ever getting well. I had both physical and emotional symptoms. I attributed the emotional ones (insomnia, hyper-vigilance, high level of anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, disassociation, panic attacks, depression) to the prolonged sexual, emotional, and physical abuse during my childhood. I knew I had been in a state of "flight or fight" for most of my life. I hoped that Bio-Emotional Neutralization would help me release all this body memory and get me out of "flight or flight". I did not expect my physical systems to get better - ever. These included continual migraines, extreme weakness, low energy, (both physical and mental) great frailty, environmental and chemical sensitivity, painful eyes, inability to read, draw, look at pictures, write, or otherwise use my eyes without triggering migraines, inability to watch movies or television, inability to endure the vibrations of riding in a car, need for head and neck support for periods lasting more than five or ten minutes, the sensations that mimic bladder infections and pain in my vagina. Most of my life was spent alone; in a quiet, still, dark room, in bed, trying to get rid of the migraines.

Now I realize that all my symptoms are manifestations of neuro-emotional conditioning. Dr. Bob and Cindy taught me to start addressing all my symptoms as emotional issues, and to do this at home, not just during the sessions. This process was both physically and emotionally painful. But it was the first alternative healing modality I had come across that seemed to be working. And not just on an emotional level. I began to get more energy, less severe migraines. Dr. Bob and Cindy had done gait analysis on me when I first began. I was holding my pelvis frozen and compensating with other muscles to propel myself forward. This also changed and I learned to walk normally, swinging my hips.

I am still in treatment. It is eight months later. At this point, I can do more things to take care of myself around the house, such as preparing food and bathing when I need to. I also have a job for two hours a week; my first job in sixteen years. This is tremendously exciting for me. I feel as though I am beginning to re-enter "the real world". At my little job, I can meet people, socialize, learn new skills and even get paid!

I now believe that someday, I will actually get well. Then I can be a productive person again and will not need to rely on disability payments to survive financially.

This healing modality has been rough, but it works. Believe me, I have tried all sorts of alternative healing modalities. Some help a little bit. None really made me well. I could depend on traditional western medicine only for some symptom relief. I feel as though Bio-Emotional Neutralization is a sort of de-tox process. I have had to experience all sorts of ugly, nasty, painful symptoms as the memories worked their way out of my body! I do not recommend this healing modality for the faint of heart. At least not for people who are as severely damaged as I was, unless you are willing to face extremely difficult times, both physically and emotionally. You have to be tough and keep in mind that it is working.

I now believe what I had long ago lost hope about; I believe I really will get well. Maybe even healthier than I was before the onset of illness sixteen years ago.

- Jeannie Pearle Taos, New Mexico


I started seeing Dr. Bob Deering when he first started his practice in Plano, Texas in 1991. I had been in a serious car accident a few years prior and still was suffering with pain from my whiplash. I learned that the pain was connected to emotional issues. He always worked his magic by questioning my body and working with its energies. Within a few months the pain subsided and eventually stopped. I kept going to him because I found that his work peeled away a layer of an onion, but there were more layers. I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have made it many times without Dr. Bob and Cindy. They have helped me heal and I have a great deal of gratitude towards both of them. They both are incredible healers and listeners. They are totally dedicated to their patients and to their life purpose of healing others. I have to say that I have had faith in them and it has paid off.

- Janet Moore, Livermore, CA

Over many years of working with Dr. Deering and his wife Cindy, I have had several remarkable experiences and amazing results that have contributed to my life in a very positive way. This work is highly important and can only improve a person’s life on a continued basis. Whenever stressful situations arise, I now automatically use the skills I’ve learned from Dr. Bob, immediately experiencing release and resolution. Using these techniques, one can continue the treatment each day and the results are amazing. I highly recommend this “work” and value the experience.

- Linda Ingram, Garland, TX 

I am a more balanced individual, both physically and spiritually, as a result of this work. Dr. Bob is able to pinpoint with surprising accuracy the reasons for and areas of our discomfort and help us to move these energies through our body. His work is performed on a very deep level and crosses all paths of our subconscious and conscious minds. After a session, the difference is pretty apparent and relief is swift. However, depending on our personalities and tendency to choose negative habitual patterns, it may take time to get down to the core or deepest layer of the problem. I can highly recommend this work and, in fact, have sought treatment for my young daughter. She also responded well and experienced wonderful results.

- Karista, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Bob and Cindy always work with integrity and support. What we end up working on may not be what I went in for but always ends up being in my highest good. They have really assisted me in releasing blockages to my creativity.

- Linda Smith, Plano, Texas

The BETAR® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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