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Phone Sessions

Phone sessions work because we are all energy beings and our energy fields are connected, even through telephone lines.

Many people choose this unique method when they are traveling or do not live near our office. Some just prefer the convenience of going through the process in the privacy of their own home, eliminating the stress of driving to an appointment and dealing with traffic. Dr. Bob and Cindy have phone clients in several different states within the US, as well as in other countries. They feel extremely blessed to be able to offer this service and to be of assistance to people in all locations.

Typically, a phone session lasts for one hour. An appointment in the office is not necessary prior to scheduling a phone session. Cindy acts as a surrogate for the client and the conduit through which Dr. Bob taps into the client's energy field. The process involves exploring what issues are of the greatest priority that the client needs to address at that particular moment. Dr. Bob leads the client through a series of forgiveness steps to neutralize the emotional component to that event, person, or experience. As you can see from the testimonials below, the information obtained is as detailed and as accurate as if the person were actually in the office.

Dr. Bob and Cindy conduct phone sessions from the privacy of their home office. To experience the power of these sessions by phone, please call 575-751-0575 or 214-912-5131 to schedule an initial session. Sessions are by appointment only, Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Also, for additional information please email

"I have found phone sessions to be very productive. I have done distance work through other people before so I already had a pretty solid belief that this kind of work is feasible. I have found Dr. Bob's work to be very incisive - Very targeted - To get at specific issues very quickly and thoroughly. The process has done a great job of linking together related events that have culminated in serious things and being able to work through them. The thing that is really terrific about his technique is that you don't have to be specific. You get physical and emotional healing simultaneously, whereas if you go to a psychiatric or psychologist session, you might spend years getting at the issues that are in the way and still never resolve them. Whereas with Dr. Bob's technique, you get right at them and neutralize them. They are worked through - They're done - And you know you're there. I have found that to be incredibly positive."

- Beth Nilsson, PhD, Wisconsin

"Bob & Cindy, These words really do not convey my deepest appreciation and gratitude for assisting me in moving forward in life!!

I first heard of Dr. Bob and Cindy Deering through a friend who had shared her experiences and amazing results with Bio-Emotional Neutralization. What fascinated me was finding out that the sessions were conducted over the phone and an hour in length! I had some experience with the technique through sessions with a local chiropractor and minimal understanding of negative emotional body memory. At the time of my first appointment with Dr. Bob and Cindy in July 2007, I was feeling "stuck" in my dissertation process. I had set a goal to defend my dissertation in December of 2007 and I had two chapters that needed to be completed. The more I attempted to work on the chapters, the more stuck I felt to the point where I was starting to doubt that I could finish. From the first session with Dr. Bob and Cindy, several patterns emerged that were beyond my awareness; not feeling smart enough or good enough to be at the doctoral level. After just two months of phone sessions, I was not only able to work on my chapters I finished them and then set a time and date to defend my dissertation in December!!

— With much respect and gratitude, Dr. Christi Stice

"My path of health, discovery, and personal accountability lead me to release emotional body memory with Dr. Bob and Cindy Deering. I was familiar with bio-emotional neutralization, but my sessions at a local doctors office were most often brief with 10-15 minute sessions. I decided to try a phone session with Dr. Bob and Cindy because the session was a one hour personal session. After my first session, I committed to a series of phone sessions because I saw an opportunity to release both conscious and unconscious belief patterns that were running my present day circumstances. I have found my work with Dr. Bob and Cindy to be helpful, insightful, and freeing. I have numerous examples of how the bio-emotional neutralization has proven to benefit me personally. I will share one of these examples.

As a teacher and coach, I have the opportunity to teach and guide teenagers on a daily basis. This is not a new process for me. I've been teaching for over 20 years so teaching and coaching is very familiar to me. Even though I've had a successful career and coaching record, my fear of not being good enough continued to scream red flags at me and display itself as stress and fatigue. This year my coaching season was especially stressful because I was coaching a talented team filled with natural composure. I teach visualization and the power of setting intentions. We set the intention to be number one in our division. With my "lack or not good enough consciousness" creeping in from time to time, Dr Bob and Cindy needed to neutralize my negative beliefs and fears from my energy field so these beliefs did not interfere or sabotage the success or progress of my team. One subconscious belief that we addressed was that it was not ok for me to be number one. I continued phone sessions with Dr. Bob and Cindy and my team continued to move toward the top division placements. The end of the season proved to be an exciting one for my team and for my school. This team was the first team in school history to place 2nd in our division. We achieved the Runner-Up title for our division and for the first time in our school's seven year history, we placed the first athletic banner in our school's gym. This was a tremendous victory for not only my team and I, but for our school. I give credit to my emotional body memory release work for energetically allowing, and creating the space that it's ok, and now time to be number one in my energy field. The first banner in school history will always be displayed at the school. The memories of setting intentions and visualizing our intended result will stay with my team and I forever. I applaud Dr. Bob and Cindy for the work they do and for their generous time and commitment to their clients. I most importantly thank them both for providing me with the opportunity to be "Number One" in a way that was beyond what I could envision".

— Deb Jarosz
Master of Arts in Education
Freshman Volleyball Coach

The BETAR® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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