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The Betar ®

IN THE EARLY 1980s, PETER KELLY OF DIMENSIONAL SCIENCES, INC. in Lakemont, Georgia pioneered in an area that today we refer to as quantum physics. While understanding that the structure of the body has the capability of storing patterns of information (life experiences and events) as energy within itself, Peter realized the potential for utilizing this technology and combining it with music and sound to assist in releasing deep levels of stored patterns of stress. He developed the Grand Salon BETAR®.

Dr. Bob and Cindy have a Baby BETAR®, which is a scaled down version of Peter’s Grand Salon, yet it is very effective. Since 1988, this is their third to own. Dr. Bob and Cindy have used BETAR®s in both a research environment as well as in their Chiropractic practice in Plano, Texas and in their Healing practice in Taos, New Mexico.

We are all too aware of the physiological and psychological impact that stress can have upon our daily lives. When the sources of stress are not dealt with and, more importantly, are instead stored in the body, this can be very detrimental to our overall well-being. Truly, unresolved stored stress is believed to be a contributing factor to, if not the cause of, so many of our health issues today.

The BETAR® has proven to be one of the most powerful and effective tools available to assist in releasing deeply stored patterns of stress.

The BETAR® is a table with 10 speakers positioned down the middle. Also, there are uniquely built transducers along the table, strategically located to coincide with the major energy points/nerve plexuses along the spine.

We all store stress, whether it is physical, emotional, etc. in our own unique pattern of energy and in different areas of the body. BETAR® is designed to adjust to and acknowledge that uniqueness. The transducers, in essence, “communicate” with a frequency board that is built into the amplifier of the BETAR®. Each transducer subtly vibrates and has a separate dedicated channel in the amplifier, and each channel has a specific frequency pulsed through it for that particular pattern of energy in that particular part of the body.

BETAR® Image Copyright SPIRIT EMERGENCEThe feedback is totally automatic through the transducers and adjusts appropriately for each client on a moment by moment basis. Although it is not felt on a physical level, each cell is being “pumped” for stored patterns of stress.

A session on the BETAR® lasts approximately one hour. Prior to the session, the client will be asked what type of music they like and, most importantly, if there is any kind of music they do not like. The music chosen can be peaceful and calm, or it can be strong and dynamic to help release deeply embedded stresses. Although Dr. Bob and Cindy have a very diverse collection of music, a client is always welcome to bring their own CD.

Preferably the music is played somewhat loudly, but not dangerously loud. It is never played over the 90 to 100 decibel level that is unsafe. The volume, of course, can be adjusted for the client’s comfort. Also, very pure low-level subliminal frequencies (white noises) are mixed with the music at many, many decibels below the normal music level to enhance the relaxation experience. The music, coupled with the subliminal frequencies and the series of subtly vibrating transducers combine to resonate the body, as though getting a massage from the inside out.

How one experiences the BETAR® varies with each individual. The response will greatly depend on what the person needs to release at that particular moment. The most frequent comment after a session is how relaxed and how much lighter the person feels. Some people become so relaxed, they simply fall asleep. Others report “traveling” during their session.

At times, deeply stored emotional issues are released, thereby allowing the person to experience an intense sense of inner peace and one of resolution. On occasion, people have reported seeing visions and/or colors. But the general overall experience is one of profound relaxation.

After your session, you will be evaluated to make sure you are energetically balanced and neurologically organized. This will only take a few minutes. Because of the intense releasing during the session, you will be instructed on how to do contra-lateral walking, and the importance of drinking water will be emphasized. You will also receive a hand-out detailing suggestions for you to follow after your session.

The BETAR® is available as a stand-alone service. Also, it is available in conjunction with either a half-hour or an hour Bio-Emotional Neutralization session with Dr. Bob.

Dr. Bob and Cindy invite you to take a few moments out of your hectic stress-filled life, and experience profound relaxation on the BETAR®.

BETAR® is an acronym for Bio-Energetic Transduction-Aided Resonance.

The BETAR® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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