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Cindy and Dr. BobDr. Bob and Cindy Deering have dedicated over 20 years to researching the effects of stored negative emotional memory on optimum health. Their research has concluded that our conscious thought patterns, our repressed negative emotions, and our subconscious belief systems significantly affect the muscles, tissues, organs, and cells of our bodies and, if not addressed, could possibly manifest as dis-ease.

The foundation of the Deerings' research began in the 1980s when Dr. Bob joined the faculty at Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas as an Assistant Professor of Chiropractic Sciences and Coordinator of Rehabilitation Services. He and the Director of Research, Dr. Stanley Plagenhoef, explored how the human body has its own system of storing information. Based on the premise that everything we experience in life -- traumas, emotions, words, and all other types of experiences -- are coded and recorded within the body as patterns of energy-as-information, each pattern having its own specific frequency that is unique and personalized to each individual or event.

As founders of Alternative Health Center in Plano, Texas, in 1991, Dr. Bob and Cindy realized the enormous impact of early subconscious programming and how it affects every aspect of our lives until the emotional components to the experience are neutralized and released. Dr. Bob and Cindy appreciated the opportunity to work with a large, diverse group of patients. They found that each case contributed to the development of exciting new approaches to neutralizing and releasing stored negative body memory, and the corresponding emotional components that manifest as physical, mental, and emotional dysfunctions.

In 2000, Dr. Bob and Cindy were able to realize a twelve-year dream. They moved to Taos, New Mexico which has long been noted for its' healing energies. Initially, they took a two-year hiatus from working with patients. Guided and assisted by the incredible beauty, magic, and power of the mountains and of the land, they continued with their research and evolved their Technique to higher levels. Thus, Bio-Emotional Neutralization was developed.

Dr. Bob and Cindy founded Spirit Emergence of Taos in 2003. They found that working with patients in Taos was a very special and rewarding experience. "Gifts of Growth" is what Dr. Bob and Cindy received from their Taos patients, each touching their soul in a very unique way. Dr. Bob and Cindy also added a new service called "The Intensive" while in Taos. This is a highly powerful day of one-on-one care. At the suggestion of two extremely gifted Taos patients, the protocol of the Intensive was slightly altered to make it even more intense and beneficial.

In April of 2008, Dr. Bob and Cindy chose to leave Taos and return to Texas for an exciting new endeavor. A remarkable opportunity to reconnect with a specific group of former patients to direct a new research project presented itself quite unexpectedly. They opened Spirit Emergence in Plano, Texas for a brief period. The project encompassed an enormous amount of new information and exciting results from applying different approaches of protocol. The results provided Dr. Bob and Cindy with new insights as to how to advance their services to the next highest level. Dr. Bob and Cindy extend a very special, heart-felt thank you to all of those who participated in this project, especially, Jackie Martinez, who was such an integral part of the study.

With the research project completed and all results finalized, Dr. Bob and Cindy returned to Taos in May of 2009. With much enthusiasm, they have reopened their Taos office, Spirit Emergence of Taos. If you have any questions or would like additional information about their services, email or see the Contact Us page on this website for location and phone numbers.

Autumn's Last Glimmer
Autumn's Last Glimmer


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